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Security contractors since 1994.

System Design, Consultation, Process and Implementation Coordination, Installation, Training, Phone Support, Budget Discussions, Lifecycle Planning, Managed Services Agreements.
Integrated Security Resources provides a comprehensive range of security systems and security services. Founded in 1994, Integrated Security Resources has a well established foundation of successful projects throughout Idaho and the United States. 

Integrated Security Resources places an emphasis on our team - Intelligent, Highly Trained, Customer Centric tributes are instilled throughout the entire organization.
Certified Dealer for many Industry Leading Manufacturers

Training For Life:

Each system ISR deploys comes with a commitment to no cost training for the life of the system. To include, Phone Support, Onsite Training, as well as local manufacturer led class room trainings.


  • Tailored Solutions for Your Security Priorities
  • Convenient System Access by Phone or Tablet
  • Effortless Remote Monitoring 24/7
  • Total Control Over Securing Your Business


  • Security Solutions that Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency
  • Best Practices for Standardizing Security Protocols & Procedures
  • Analytics that Give Meaning To Your Security Data


  • Successfully supporting Federal and State entities
  • Jails - Courthouses - Juvenile Detention - Prisons - Transportation
  • Public Buildings for all Branches of Government
  • State and Federal buying contracts
  • Working through the budget and purchasing process
  • Very experienced and successful at Open bid / Low bid
  • All employees are background checked and will clear government clearance reviews

Industrial / Manufacturing

  • Custom design with knowledge of current code requirements
  • Safety trained with complete OSHA awareness
  • Very adept at committee and board presentations
  • Service and Maintenance agreements
  • Visitor Management systems are completely integrated with Access Control and CCTV
  • Remote management of all integrated systems
  • Experienced with engaging and coordinating with facilities departments as well as IT


  • Regional and National deployments 100's of locations
  • Analytics that not only support security needs are adaptable to trends and marketing
  • Systems that work within all budgets
  • Enterprise to stand alone systems
  • Cybersecurity awareness with products that enhance and support your current efforts

University Campuses

  • Cohesive deployment of systems across multiple diverse buildings
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Estimates for yearly budgets
  • ISR is very experienced with interfacing to your existing door hardware
  • All system designs are cohesive with IBC and ADA regulations


  • All ISR personnel are bonded and background checked
  • Remote lockdown capable systems
  • CCTV and Access systems that allow emergency personnel remote access
  • Door hardware products that not only allow controlled access but support localized lock down as well


  • Quickly review every stored video recording
  • Motion detection and alerting
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate identification
  • People counting with heat maps
  • Trip line alarms
  • Loitering
  • Video analytics offers a wide range of security and marketing data


  • IoT devices represent an attack surface that is substantially larger than IT systems. ISR is aligned with products that will 100% remove the IoT exposure


Video Surveillance

ISR's Video Surveillance allows you to remotely monitor your facilities and keep tabs on what's happening from your tablet or phone real time whenever you need it.


ISR designs and installs an access control solution that allows designated staff, employees and guests to move freely throughout your facility while limiting or preventing access to unauthorized areas.


ISR provides cost effective and convenient cloud hosted video and access control solutions. Access your HD security video anytime, anywhere with our secure services with your cell phone or tablet.

Fire Detection and Monitoring

ISR's advanced fire alarm solutions includes emergency evacuation to provide a comprehensive life safety system for your building

Network Infrastructure

ISR builds and manages secure, closed networks that add an additional layer of security for your cameras, motion sensors, access control, intrusion system devices.


We offer wired and wireless intruder & burglar alarm systems. These solutions are designed and configured to facilitate prompt alert and physical security response to distress alert.


Headquarters: 1403 Main Street, Meridian Idaho 83642
Phone: (208) 884-8562
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